Los Angeles, CA Tentatively Approves Ordinance for Expanded Paid Sick Leave


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Expected July 1, 2016


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The Los Angeles City Council voted 13-1 to approve a new ordinance that would expand Los Angeles employees’ paid sick leave rights.  Currently, the California statewide Paid Sick Leave Law requires employers to provide a minimum of 3 paid sick days to all employees.  The new ordinance doubles the statewide minimum, requiring Los Angeles employers to provide at least 6 days of paid sick leave.

Like the statewide version, employees can carry over accrued, unused paid sick leave, though unused time will not be paid upon separation of employment, and employers will be permitted to cap accrued paid sick time at 9 days.

Employers of 25 or fewer employees will have an additional year to comply with the new requirement, meaning an effective date of July 1, 2017.

The proposed ordinance will be drafted by the City Attorney’s Office prior to final approval.  The ordinance language is expected to be approved this month to meet the deadline of July 1.


Action Items:

  1. Look for updates from ManagEase regarding the ordinance’s final language.
  2. Contact ManagEase at (888) 230-3231 for assistance in adjusting handbooks or written policies regarding paid sick leave to comply with the expanded requirements.

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