Our Services

ManagEase uniquely provides customized programs that align with our clients’ objectives. We can serve as your HR Department, supplement your HR Department or conduct project work as needed.

ManageAll HR Program

Fully Outsourced HR Programs

ManagAll offers comprehensive outsourced HR management services appropriate for organizations without formal HR departments, replacing HR Departments, or for those that want to change how they manage HR. With ManagAll, ManagEase becomes your HR Department, providing services, products and consulting for significantly less money and better results than the typical in-house model.

Our customized programs are easy to scale up or down, and can offer services
such as onsite time, payroll administration, benefits administration, recruiting,
and the Blue Rock employee documentation system. Unlike expensive and invasive PEO programs, ManageAII enhances employer-employee relationships and works
with your existing vendors, ensuring minimal disruptions to your organization.

Our custom programs enable organizations of all sizes to:

  • Increase efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Minimize risks and liabilities
  • Provide a professional HR Department to your employees

HR On-Call Hotline

HR On-Call is the perfect telephone support service for every company, even those with HR professionals on staff. ManagEase’s experienced and certified consultants help provide members of management with information and options for you to address important decisions with confidence and enhanced objectivity.

  • Offers HR, Payroll, Compliance and Benefits-related guidance
  • Provide strategies for employee management options
  • Perfect for businesses with two or three shifts or multiple locations
  • Unlimited use with your annual subscription

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Compliance Assessments

Eliminate risk factors before they become a problem with a confidential, independent assessment performed by our HR experts. Our proprietary assessment report provides companies and c-level executives with a clear picture of where they stand within state and federal regulations as well as industry-wide best practices.

  • HR practices and procedures
  • Payroll practices and procedures
  • Time and attendance documentation
  • Benefits administration and policies
  • Employee classifications, files and documentation
  • I-9 documentation audits

Hiring & Terminations

All your paperwork, all in one place

Eliminate last-minute photocopying, misplaced paperwork, and inconsistent forms by implementing ManagEase’s unique Blue Rock Employee documentation System. Perfected over 20 years of use by hundreds of companies, Blue Rock delivers fully customizable packages for hiring, firing, and leaves of absence. Simplify your recordkeeping and impress your next new hire with one clean, polished package containing all the documentation you need.

Subscription Features

  • Compliance updates and user support
  • All federal and state required forms and pamphlets
  • New forms provided following legislative changes
  • Flexible customization for your business requirements
  • Personalized binders and take-home folders for every employee
  • User-friendly instruction sheets and comprehensive organization
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Quick, convenience ordering options

Comprehensive support on paper and in person

Whether it’s saying hello or bidding farewell our HR professionals are on hand to assist with the onboarding and terminating process, whenever your business needs help transitioning staff.

Talent Acquisition

ManagEase offers uniquely priced programs to assist companies in finding the best fit while saving on the costs of typical recruitment agencies.

A simpler, more effective way to secure top talent

  • Full-cycle recruitment management
  • Resume and initial telephone screenings
  • Interviewing management & coordination
  • Offer letter consultation and preparation
  • Background search management
  • Temporary to hire options

For more information please contact:TalentAcquisition@managease.com


Boost your business knowledge base and skillset with our HR trainings and education programs. Offered in English and Spanish, our training programs are convenient and comprehensive. Live trainings are set to your schedule at your locations(s), and include reference materials, attendee certificates, group exercises and discussion segments.

We train on an expansive range of subjects for both employees and management teams, such as:

  • Safe Work Practices & Emergency Management
  • Customer Service – Basic and Advanced Concepts
  • Managing Conflict with Peers
  • Basic Training for Newly Promoted Supervisors
  • Performance Appraisal & Goal Setting
  • Preparing Effective Job Descriptions
  • Sensitivity, Diversity, and Harassment Training
  • Regulatory Overview for Supervisors
  • And much more…

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Monthly Webinars

HR is a perpetually evolving field. Stay at the top of your game with ManagEase’s monthly webinars. Each webinar is HRCI, SHRM, and or APA certified counting towards 1. 5 hours of credit for recertification.

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Customized to your needs

ManagEase also offers custom trainings developed to fit your business needs and time slots. Whether it’s assistance with rolling out an injury prevention plan for a specific industry or leading a workshop on budget preparation, our experienced trainers are available to guide specialized training sessions form the ground up.


When organizations want to find out if their compensation package is competitive, they seek out the experts at ManagEase. Compensation studies of this nature allow organizations to hire smarter, retain top talent, and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. No HR department has all the answers. Instead, they come to ManagEase to fill in the gaps.

Our experts blend HR consulting and proprietary data to produce expertly crafted compensation studies. This can include key areas such as:

  • Total compensation package
  • Fringe benefits
  • Salary information by position, sector, and regional area
  • Executive compensation packages
  • Nonprofit sector compensation
  • Workplace practices
  • Competitive analysis


Stay competitive with affordable health insurance and great benefits packages. Led by a license broker and PPACA specialist, the ManagEase Benefits Department offers comprehensive services:

  • Unlimited toll-free calls to our trainer experts for both managerial and employee levels
  • HR Director-level support and advice on custom services
  • Benefits administration services, such as premium statement reconciliation
  • On-boarding and off-boarding of management team members
  • Preparation of your employee census for health insurance renewal quotes
  • Direct communication with insurance vendors and third party administrators
  • Leave of absence assistance

Employee Solution Center

The Employee Solution Center gives employees a direct and friendly source to contact for answers to questions about company benefit and healthcare programs, freeing your HR leaders to focus on more critical matters. Employees enjoy unlimited toll-free calls to our team of HR experts, who resolve questions about an array of topics, including coverage, claims, health care reform, and more.

Simplify with ManageAll

ManagEase’s benefits clients also get access to a number of important HR services at no or reduced cost. Our union of HR services, benefits administration, and on-call support makes one-stop management of your business benefits simple.

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Payroll Administration

Whether your payroll needs are simple or complex, our payroll experts are adept at handling all aspects of payroll with ease and efficiency. Flexible and scalable, we manage payroll for companies large and small, across multiple states, on-site or within our offices. Using your selected payroll processing vendor, we fully manage the administration of all aspects of payroll, including benefits administration, garnishments, direct deposits, error review, and more.

Our payroll experts handle:

  • Payroll Conversions (Vendor or Software)
  • Payroll Merges (Post-Acquisition)
  • Custom Report Design and Set Up
  • Overtime and Attendance Analysis
  • Payroll Audits including documentation and employee classification review
  • HRIS Data Audits (Data Entry)
  • Employee Call Centers
  • Wage-and-Hour Policy Development
  • Benefits and Payroll Reconciliation
  • Regulatory Responses

Eliminate payroll headaches

Avoid the costs of incorrectly calculated payroll or mismanaged records. We also offer additional support for your staff with:

  • Employee Service Center – our experts promptly answer your employees’ benefit and payroll questions. Ask about our shared-service, cost-effective options.
  • Alternative Workweek Schedules – improve employee retention by being flexible for their busy schedules. ManagEase provides resources for initiating alternative workweek schedules, or can manage the implementation process entirely.

Handbooks, Policies & Other HR Documents

ManagEase’s professionally developed and customizable employee handbooks enable you to manage risk and outline clear expectations for your employees.

  • Individual policy consultation and preparation
  • Compliance review and comment on your handbook
  • Updates to handbooks we have prepared
  • Special agreements, exit documents, and forms
  • HR guidebooks for supervisors and managers
  • Translation to Spanish available

Harassment-Related Services

Employee Reporting Hotline

Provide employees with a vital resource for voicing complaints or concerns. ManagEase’s Employee Reporting Hotline is a sponsored shared service staffed by professionals who are able to provide employees with an impartial, non-threatening reporting mechanism. Fully supported in English and Spanish, our Employee Reporting Hotline is an indispensable tool for businesses with multiple facilities, complex management structures or previous settlements or judgments in this field.


Whether your business is managed in an office, a restaurant, or a manufacturing plant, ManagEase’s safety programs, inspections and trainings minimize issues and costs related to worker health and injuries.


  • Safety plans for office environments
  • Safety plans for medical and dental offices
  • Safety plans for plants and warehouses
  • Ergonomic reviews and corrective action plans
  • Safety training sessions
  • Heat safety training for outdoor workers in compliance with Cal/OSHA
  • Illness & Injury Prevention Plans

Leaves of Absence

With the myriad of different and overlapping regulations and obligations involved in leaves of absence, having reliable knowledge on hand is a major time and stress saver. ManagEase’s leave of absence materials act as your one-stop resource whenever you have questions on how to deal with these complex policies, particularly when benefit time, worker’s compensation or health insurance, and COBRA overlap.


  • “Pregnancy Disability Leave Manual” guides and documents
  • “Family Medical Leave Act Manual” guides and documents
  • Guidance through our HR On-Call Hotline
  • Leave of absence policy review and consultation


Expert Advice For Every Situation

ManagEase’s HR experts are well-equipped to advise clients of all industries and workforce sizes on a wide range of topics. ManagEase provides completely confidential, objective input on difficult decisions, available at day-rate and per project fee arrangements.

Our consultants offer valuable input, from and HR perspective, on many scenarios, such as:

  • Planning an IPO
  • Merging with or acquiring another business
  • Downsizing or closing facilities
  • Reorganizing your management team or workforce
  • Relocating your plant or office
  • Succession planning for key executives, business founders or family owners
  • Insufficient productivity, high employee costs, or low employee retention
  • Complex terminations

Sponsored Services

As a sponsor, you can provide HR services to your clients like:

  • HR On-Call

  • Handbooks

  • Compliance Assessments

  • Training & Webinars

or we can help you design a bundle of services that you can promote to your clients and prospects.