Illinois: One Day Rest in Seven Rules Amended


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January 1, 2023


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SB 3146 amends the Illinois One Day Rest in Seven Act provisions regarding days of rest and meal period requirements. Specifically, the one day of rest in seven rule will change to one day of rest in “every consecutive seven-day period.” Rather than having one day off in any given calendar week, the required day of rest must be provided on a rolling seven-day basis.


Additionally, the requirement of a second or third 20-minute meal period will occur every 4.5 hours following the first 7.5-hour period. Rather than working 15 hours to receive a second meal period as is currently required, next year the second meal period must be provided at 12 hours.


There is also a posting requirement, including provisions on how to provide notice to remote workers. Violators of the new rules will be subject to civil penalties and additional damages. Because of the new penalties, employers should consider requiring that meal breaks are taken or otherwise document when a worker voluntarily skipped a meal period that was offered.

Action Items

  1. Review SB 3146 here.
  2. Have meal and rest policies updated for compliance.
  3. Have appropriate personnel trained on scheduling and meal requirements.
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