Chicago, IL: Anti-Sexual Harassment Protections Expanded


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July 1, 2022


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The Chicago City Council recently amended the Chicago Human Rights Ordinance to expand sexual harassment protections. Specifically, the definition of sexual harassment now includes sexual misconduct “which means any behavior of a sexual nature which also involves coercion, abuse of authority, or misuse of an individual’s employment position.”


To further support enforcement, employers are now required to have a written policy against sexual harassment. The written policy must include a statement that sexual harassment is illegal in Chicago, the definition of sexual harassment, a requirement that all employees annually participate in sexual harassment prevention training and bystander training, examples of prohibited sexual harassment, information on how to report sexual harassment, and a statement that retaliation for reporting sexual harassment is illegal in Chicago. There is also a posting requirement.


All employers must provide annual sexual harassment prevention training for one hour to all employees, and two hours for supervisors and managers. There is an additional bystander training requirement. All training must be completed by June 30, 2023.


Employers must retain records of compliance for the longer of five years or the duration of any claim, action, or investigation under the ordinance. City penalties were also increased for all forms of discrimination to $5,000-$10,000 per violation.


Action Items

  1. Review the updated Ordinance
  2. Review the City’s website for more information.
  3. Implement a sexual harassment policy consistent with the new requirements.
  4. Provide sexual harassment and bystander training annually.
  5. Display the required posting.
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