Virginia: State Contractors Must Prohibit Discrimination Based on Certain Categories


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February 7, 2017


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Governor Terry McAuliffe recently signed Executive Order No. 61, designed to combat sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination.  Specifically, the order states that the state of Virginia will only grant bids valued over $10,000 to state contractors with anti-discrimination policies against certain protected categories, including sexual orientation and gender identity.  The Order applies to any contracts that have not progressed to the stage where a change in contracting requirements would adversely impact completion of the project.

The executive order is intended to demonstrate the state government’s pledge to a more inclusive environment.  Virginia’s statewide regulations ordinarily do not prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity; thus, state contractors who wish to be eligible for higher-valued contracts must adopt a broader anti-discrimination policy than required by the state.

Action Items

  1. Have anti-discrimination policies and procedures revised to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

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