Tennessee Revises Notice Requirements to Prohibit Firearms at Work


All Employers with Tennessee Employees


July 1, 2016 (January 1, 2018 for certain employers)


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Tennessee already allows individuals, corporations, business entities or government agencies to prohibit possession of weapons on properties or inside buildings under their control.  Public Chapter No. 638 amends the regulations governing how employers and other property owners/operators must notify people that weapons (specifically, firearms) are prohibited on their property.

The amendments are as follows:

  • Currently, an individual (or in this case, employer) can prohibit weapons on their property by conspicuously posting notices on the premises, including at all entrances, consisting of either a (1) sign containing appropriate wording or (2) the universal red circle with a slash symbol over a weapon. The amended regulation requires both wording and symbol to be displayed on notices.
  • The new sign must also contain specific language, including:
    • The phrase “No Firearms Allowed,” at least one inch high and eight inches wide;
    • The words “As authorized by T.C.A. §39-17-1359” (in any size as long as it is “plainly visible”); and
    • A picture of a firearm inside a circle with a 45 degree angle slash symbol arranged from lower right to upper left of the circle over the firearm, at least four inches high by four inches wide.

Note that the amended regulations refer specifically to the prohibition of “firearms.”  Employers are still able to use their previous signs when prohibiting other types of “weapons.”  Therefore, employers may wish to consider continued use of the “weapons” notice in addition to posting the newly revised “firearms” notice.

The amendment goes into effect July 1, 2016; however, employers who already posted notices prohibiting weapons before January 1, 2015 have a grace period extending until January 1, 2018 to replace their existing signs.

Action Items:

  1. If prohibiting firearms from the workplace, ensure that posted signage meets all requirements as stated by the amended regulations.

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