February Updates






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This Short List addresses the following topics:
  1. REMINDER: Post Form 300A in the Workplace
  2. Upcoming Changes to H1-B Applications
  3. Recent OSHA Updates
  4. Department of Labor Penalty Increases
  5. California: Human Trafficking Required Posting Available; DE 2588 Form Updated
  6. California: Labor Commissioner Publishes Blacklisted Port Trucking Companies
  7. Daly City, CA: Minimum Wage Increases on February 13rd
  8. Fremont, CA: Minimum Wage Increases to $13.50 per Hour and Beyond
  9. Michigan: New Employee Protections for State Contractors and Workers
  10. Missouri: Delegation Clauses in Arbitration Agreements Must Be Enforced
  11. New Mexico: State Fair Pay for Women Act Applies to Public and Private Employers
  12. New York: Paid Family Leave Benefit Increases
  13. Ohio: Franchisors are Not Joint Employers
  14. Pennsylvania: Employers Must Protect Electronic Employee Information
  15. Philadelphia, PA: Minimum Wage Increases for City Workers and Contractors

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