Illinois: New Guidance on Compliance with Equal Pay Act


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March 24, 2022


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The Illinois Equal Pay Act amendments went into effect on March 24, 2022. By March 23, 2023, employers with 100 or more employees must apply for an Equal Pay Registration Certificate with the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL). Following application, and once the IDOL gives the employer a registration deadline, the employer must provide a compliance statement, a copy of the employer’s most recent EEO-1 report, a list of employees (including county worked, hire date, and last year’s wages), and a $150 filing fee.

The IDOL also recently added FAQs on how to obtain the certificate. The FAQs clarify the definition of wages required to be reported, employee rights to request their data, and how to determine whether employers meet the 100-employee threshold to be covered by the Act. Note that the IDOL is expected to file additional regulations regarding the Act. For now, employers should implement existing guidance for compliance.

Action Items

  1. Review form templates available on the IDOL website.
  2. Review recently released FAQs.
  3. Implement appropriate procedures for compliance with the Act.
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