Colorado: Anti-Discrimination Law Protections Expanded


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August 9, 2022



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HB 22-1367 makes significant changes to the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA). Specifically, the bill extends the statute of limitations to file a discrimination charge under CADA from six months to 300 days, which aligns the rule with federal antidiscrimination laws. The bill also expands the Colorado Civil Rights Commission’s jurisdiction over a discrimination charge from 270 days to 450 days after the initial filing of the charge, which gives the Commission additional time to investigate a complaint and issue a finding. 


The definition of “employee” is expanded to include a person engaged in domestic service, e.g., babysitters, housekeepers, or caretakers. These individuals are protected by CADA and may bring a discrimination claim against their domestic employers. Finally, the bill expands the remedies available for age discrimination claim to include recovery of compensatory and punitive damages. If suing under both the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and CADA, claimants may be entitled to liquidated damages under the ADEA’s provisions and compensatory and punitive damages under CADA. 


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