Westchester County, NY: Pay Transparency Law Goes into Effect


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November 6, 2022



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An amendment to Westchester County’s Human Rights Law now requires employers with at least four employees to include a minimum and maximum salary for a job, promotion, or transfer opportunity within the job posting or advertisement. The law also applies to employment agencies and labor organizations. The law does not apply to job postings for temporary employment at a temporary help agency.


Any type of posting is covered whether it is written, printed, electronic, or in hard copy. The law applies to positions that are required to be performed, in whole or in part, in Westchester County, in person, in the field, or remotely. The compensation range is defined as the lowest to highest salary that the employer in good faith belief at the time of the posting would pay for the position.


Note that Governor Hochul is expected to sign New York state’s pay transparency legislation upon receipt; the County law specifically states that the state legislation will preempt this law. However, the state legislation by its terms does not preempt local law. The County will be expected to clarify this nuance should the state version go into effect.


Action Items

  1. Review the law here.
  2. Review job descriptions and set salary ranges.
  3. Have an equal pay audit conducted.
  4. Have appropriate personnel trained on pay disclosure requirements.
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