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Information Technology Use Policy

Dress Code

Job Description Questionnaire

Maintaining current job descriptions is a best practice for all businesses. Job descriptions that accurately lay out the duties, responsibilities, and physical requirements of a role are a helpful tool in many HR arenas: performance evaluation, the interactive process for accommodations, or even disciplinary meetings.

Employers can provide this Job Description Questionnaire to employees to review what responsibilities the employee’s position entails, and then create or update job descriptions based on the information submitted.

Overtime Request Form

Have non-exempt employees fill out this form to request pre-approval for overtime hours. Payroll managers can then use these records to track and audit overtime hours worked against timecards.

Claim Statement

This form can be provided to an exiting employee to confirm in writing that the employee has not suffered any undisclosed injuries, illness or other related employment matters except as otherwise noted.

Employee Acknowledgment of Return of Property and Exit Statement

This form documents return of company property upon separation of employment.  There are additional fields for company property, future return dates, and the employee’s acknowledgment that they have or will return the items by the specified dates.

Resignation Statement

Provide this form to employees who have resigned from employment.

Employee Change of Status

This form documents an employee’s type of exit and last day of employment.

Notification of Separation to Benefits Coordinator

Use this form to notify the organization’s benefits coordinator of an employee’s separation.

Acknowledgment of Final Paycheck

This form can be provided to employees to acknowledge the receipt of their final paycheck and confirm their current mailing address and e-mail.